Saverio Luzzi

The winery owner and a well-known neurologist from Arezzo who works in all of Tuscany, he chose the countryside of Villa La Ripa in Antria for his moments of peace and serenity. For Saverio, producing wine is the way to regenerate, recharge from his professional activity, full of much satisfactions but sometimes also of small and big pains.

For the owner, the challenge is to make the best wine possible, following, of course, his own ideal of taste, balance and elegance and using the scientific method that he applies every day in his clinical practice, helped by the enologist Alessio Bandinelli and agronomist Marco Pierucci.

He waits for you at Villa La Ripa where you can discover the secret of the story of the Renaissance Villa and taste its wines!

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Claudia Luzzi

Pharmacist and member of the "Luzzi family", she has lived at Villa La Ripa since she was only 7 years old.

She grew up in this magical place, surrounded by rows and rows of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Canaiolo, Trebbiano and Malvasia, treated with love and passion, head and heart.

Once she grew up she graduated in pharmacy and created her line of "Wine Cosmetics", using the products of her vines and fields.

From Claudia’s enthusiasm were born: the Grape Berry Hand Cream, the Anti-aging Face Cream with resveratrol and the Body Milk with Grape Seed.

Claudia then became passionate about the world of wine, a passion transmitted by her father to the rest of the family.

So she became Ais Sommelier and Official Taster.

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Silvia Caneschi

Silvia is a young Sommelier who has worked at the winery for more then 10 years.

She has seen it being born, growing and developing, year after year.

She fell in love with this beautiful place, surrounded by nature, history, art and rows of vines and ancient olive trees .

Silvia always applied all her energy and potential toward improving and growing Villa La Ripa; she knows it's every secret, and she is mainly responsible for the winery and supervises all the winemaking processes.

Silvia is also responsible for the winery administration, and is the backbone of the company.

A great woman, skilled, capable and brilliant.

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Benedetta Bille

Benedetta is a young Sommelier Ais, responsible for reception and international relations at the winery.

A dynamic girl, sociable and always smiling. 

She knows and loves our history, our philosophy and our wines.

She will be your guide during the Wine Tasting Tours and will be thrilled to answer at all your questions about the history of the Villa, the vineyards, the winery and the wines you will taste with her.

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Alessio Bandinelli

Alessio Bandinelli has been our oenologist for years. A very professional man, careful in every detail during the wine's entire production process, from the chemical analysis in the vineyard to the final product. Punctual, meticulous and very precise, fundamental elements to create an excellent wine.

Since he was a boy Alessio has shown an innate interest in the world of wine: a passion transmitted by his father who in the ‘90s was part of the AIS, the Italian sommelier association.

From the time he was a boy he has visited many vineyards and wineries and has tasted a lot of different wines. Thus his love for the land and the good wine was born

Today he works in four different regions of Italy and at our winery he has patented an absolutely innovative winemaking technique: "The technique of vinification with stems", which has allowed us to reach excellent and exclusive quality levels in the production of our wine.

Special thanks to his competence and professional.


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Marco Pierucci

Marco Pierucci is our agronomist, a partner in Studio Agronominvigna, a team with a strong viticultural vocation.

Marco dedicates his professional activity to technical consultancy, exclusively for vineyards dedicated to sustainably producing high quality wines, that  identifies  the vigneron and evocates  the production area.

Because of the complexity of these difficult objectives, Marco prefers to talk about his activity as the "skipper of the vineyards" who must sail by sight during each vintage to get in the best possible conditions for the harvest.

Because only from great grapes it is possible to produce memorable and long-lived wines.

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Francesco Langeli

Cellar and vineyard manager

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Nico Necula

Cellar and vineyard manager

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