New Oil Psyco 2022

Extra virgin olive oil made with the best blend of Moraiolo, Leccino and frantoio olives, that best expressed the Tuscan identity.

The company has always paid a particular attention to the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. The area offers a product of excellence as it is sheltered from the cold and well exposed to the sun and mild, dry winds, together with the presence of typical autochthonous Tuscan varieties such as “frantoio”, “moraiolo” and “leccino”.

The olives, picked by hands, are taken to the mill just a few hours after the harvest and they are cold pressed. The oil obtained is characterised by intense herbaceous aromas with hints of artichoke and tomato. These olfactory sensations are confirmed on the palate as it shows a perfect balance between bitter fruit and spicy taste. Its preservation at a controlled temperature under nitrogen in stainless steel containers, maintains the peculiar characteristics of perfect harmony and pleasantness until the following year.

The olve oil made at Villa La Ripa is excellent for seasoning cooked and raw vegetables and it is particularly appreciated on typical Tuscan dishes such as “panzanella”, “ribollita” and Florentine steak.


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