Donation to
calcit of arezzo

Friday, September 9, 2022


The donation to Calcit was possible thanks to the contribution of various activities in the area of Arezzo and local restaurateurs, who gathered and committed to make an important gesture for their beloved and beloved city of Arezzo. We want to mention them and thank them one by one.

We thank the winery: "Villa La Ripa" of Arezzo that has made available to all guests his vineyard and its wines, the restaurateurs of Arezzo: Art Cafè Arezzo, Battibecco, Caffè d'Italia, Enoteca Michelangelo, Il Botteghino, La Commendina, Macelleria Pollo San Marco, who prepared their specialties for free.

We also thank for the collaboration: ANAG Arezzo that has made available to guests the best spirits and Luca Ulivieri, aka "Niki Dj" that has warmed the minds of guests with a rhythm of music from the 50s-60s using his 500 vintage as a basis for the console.

The donation to Calcit is a wonderful gesture that will surely improve the cancer care for the many patients from Arezzo who fight against this disease every day.