Namastè I.G.T.

Trebbiano and Malvasia, traditional Tuscan grapes, are able to express a fragrant and intriguing white wine with structure and personality.

Malvasia 40 % and Trebbiano 60 %
Namastè is refined with its lees for at least six months
12.5% Vol
Colour: straw yellow
Aromas: hints of white-fleshed fruits, wild flowers with hints of sage and rosemary. Taste: fresh, sapid with good structure and persistence
First fish courses, Mediterranean baked fish
Namastè is an Indian greeting that indicates the spiritual connection between those who offer their greetings and those who receive them. Our wine wants to be a sign of hospitality for those who taste it.

Spaziolibero I.G.T.

A “simply perfect” rose

50% Sangiovese, 50% Syrah
“Saignée” method after 3 hours with the skins. Fermentation for about 10 days and consecutive maturation on the lees for 2 months.
12.5% Vol
Colour: rosé, onion layer.
Aromas: fruity with hints of cherry, violet, wild strawberries.
Taste: fresh, sensual and elegant.
Aperitifs, appetizers, fish, delicate or low-calorie dishes. Excellent with Asian food.
Spaziolibero means literally “free space”. And as the ancient Greeks already said “wine is freedom and relief for the soul.” It is from this concept, together with the producer’s sensations, for whom to make wine is the only truly free and personal space in life, that the name of this wine was born.

Peconio I.G.T.

A Sangiovese with soft tannins that fully reflects Tuscany and the territory of Arezzo

Sangiovese 100%
60% is aged for 6 months in French oak barrels of Allier; the remaining part is aged in steel.
13 - 13.5 % Vol
Colour: intense ruby red.
Aromas: fruity with hints of cherry, violet, and cinnamon.
Taste: soft, well-balanced, persistent, soft but firm tannins. Great drinkability.
A wine suitable for any type of pasta and meat, especially typical Tuscan meat.
The name of the wine derives from Marco Peconio, the ancient Roman owner of Villa La Ripa, who lived in the second century A.D. and already cultivated the vine and the olive trees, which is a testimony to the fact that the ancient Romans had already realised the potential of these hills.

Tiratari I.G.T.

Our "Super-Sangiovese" where Syrah does not cover Sangiovese but it enhances its extraordinary taste-olfactory quality.

Sangiovese 75%, Syrah 25%
12 months in French oak barrels of Allier and 12 months in bottle.
13 - 13.5% Vol
Colour: Intense, brilliant ruby.
Aromas: Red fruit, wild violet, white pepper, aromatic wood.
Taste: Elegant, soft, well-balanced, persistent, soft but firm tannins.
Pasta, red meats, cheeses.
This name was born when the villa and the vineyards were bought, thanks to the owner's daughter. In those days, the little girl was reading a fairytale about a dreamland where everything was beautiful and good; this country was called Tiratari. When she was taken to see the new house, she immediately said: "But this is Tiratari!". From that day on, the name of the wine was decided. See the picture of us at that time
Balance is the keyword that allows us to understand the open and sunny expression of this wine. Year after year Sangiovese characterizes itself more and more in this area, while showing elegance and good drinkability, or rather a fluid taste spectrum, enlarged and balanced by the addition of a small percentage of international grapes. Beautiful is also the transparency and the ruby robe, reflected in excellent vividness of colour. The nose has a medium spectrum, but with an excellent definition of many red and black fruits, supported by a complementary and flattering spiciness, always rounded but never aggressive. But it is the palate that raises the dimension of Tiratari and here the above concept returns: balance, centered in the right qualitative expression of the taste components, good tannins but not obtrusive, freshness that gives impetus and leaves a positive impression on the palate in the finish, the alcohol is perceptible in its required quantity to maintain the strong components. These are the solid foundations that have made possible the composition of Tiratari, a wine that corresponds to its territor.

Cristiano Cini, President AIS Tuscany

Psyco I.G.T.

Our great "SuperTuscan", where the Cabernet Sauvignon completes and integrates with its structure the elegance and finesse of Sangiovese.

Sangiovese 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 50%
12 months in French oak barrels of Allier and 12 months in bottle.
Colour: Intense, brilliant ruby.
Aromas: intense of small red fruit, licorice, pepper, spices, tobacco
Taste: elegant, well-balanced, persistent, soft but firm tannins.
Macaroni with structured sauces, red meats, wild meats, cheeses. Chinese and Indian cuisine
This name is a dedication made by the owner of the company, a neurologist, to his profession.
For those who mainly prefer large volume and warmth, in short, a significant presence of the taste also owed to Cabernet Sauvignon, combined with the freshness of Sangiovese, which it generously diffuses, it is this interesting blend (with a majority of Sangiovese) that makes Psyco a harmonious meeting between strength and durability. A ruby tone of medium intensity with an excellent brilliance that makes the wine shine on visual observation. At the beginning, a scent of blackberry, plum and currant unfolds, which meets liquorice and pepper that announce the delicate finish with notes of spices. The taste is decisive at the entrance, unfolding with a wide and rich spectrum, then evolving along the line of freshness with a precise balance of tannins and quality, releasing warmth and fruit at the end.

Cristiano Cini, President AIS Tuscany

Syrah-Syrah I.G.T.

It has been called like this because it is the purest expression of Syrah, fruity and pulpy with its usual spicy notes

Syrah 100%
225 and 500 lt oak barrels
14% Vol
Colour: ruby red
Aromas: captivating and penetrating aromas of red berries and black pepper, long aromatic persistence.
Taste: harmonious, round, persistent.
Wild meats, roasts, and aged cheeses.
The name of this wine, which recalls the famous song "Que sera sera", is the expression of the composition of this wine: Syrah in purity.

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