Wine cosmetics

Wine cosmetics

When our daughter Claudia graduated in Pharmacy, we immediately asked her to develop cosmetics containing products of our vine and fields, first for a family use (like for wine and oil), then for some friends who share our same passion.
Now the Villa La Ripa cosmetics are for everyone.
Thanks to Claudia’s enthusiasm, the hand cream, the body cream, the face cream, and the purifying mask with the brand Villa La Ripa were born.
Few products with the highest quality ingredients have been developed, using, for beauty care, what this beautiful nature offers us.

Wine and skin

Researchers have recently discovered a surprising new benefit of red wine. It contains a powerful ingredient that helps skin stay younger. You may have heard of Resveratrol, a substance that helps your heart and can improve blood circulation. And now research has come to show that this anti-aging ingredient may also help your skin to stay young.
Resveratrol is very popular as a supplement but if you are taking it orally, you are probably missing out on its positive effects on the skin. Dermatologists at the University of Wisconsin have found that Resveratrol protects the skin from exposure to sun and it has an important anti-aging effect.
It’s more than a cosmetic ...
It’s advanced nutrition for your skin.

Hand cream with grape must

Moisturising and energising cream. It makes the skin on your hands smooth and velvety; non-greasy. A constant use is recommended to obtain younger skin.

Facial night cream with Resveratrol

Moisturising, nourishing and anti-aging. Resveratrol is a phenol with remarkable antioxidant and vaso-protective properties; it is powerful in protecting the skin from oxidising agents responsible for aging. Its vasoprotecting action makes resveratrol precious even for skin types with a tendency to couperose.

Grape seed body milk

Energising and toning fluid that helps the skin to regain its freshness. Suitable for all ages. Non-greasy, it leaves a pleasant scent on the whole body. Used consistently you will notice an increase in skin elasticity.

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