ZeroProblemi- Spumante Brut Rosè

Spumante Rosato brut

Brut Sparkling Wine, Charmat method, obtained from a careful selection of red Sangiovese and Syrah grapes.

28.00 €

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Sangiovese , Syrah 


Sparkling Wine of Villa La Ripa is produced with the Martinotti method

Alcohol content

12.5% Vol

Organoleptic card

Colour: rosé, onion layer.
Aromas: wild strawberry, pomegranate, currant, finaòlly hints of violet, wisteria and a beautiful red orange
Taste: fresh with fine and creamy bubbles


Aperitifs, appetizers, Mediterranean baked fish


ZeroProblemi borned from the idea of the owner, a neurologist by profession to remember that drinking well, always in moderation, with friends and relatives helps to relax and fully enjoy the individual special moments of our day.