Our "Secret Garden"

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Come to visit it at Villa La Ripa Winery


Welcome to our "Secret Garden": for us it is like any other room, but in the open air! 
In medieval times, the secret garden was in closed in by walls or hedges. It was in fact called "hortus conclusus" which in Latin means: "closed garden". It was used to grow fruits and aromatic plants for the needs of the family.
Only during the Renaissance period the wall was interrupted, inserting the iron gate, which allows people to admire the landscape of Arezzo city.
The concept of the Secret Garden changes in time and becomes an intimate place, where you can relax, chat among fountains and flowers. 
We are waiting for you to come visit it during our Tours and Tastings!With great satisfaction I present Peconio, our pure Sangiovese obtained from old vineyards planted more than 70 years ago at Villa La Ripa. Still today the vines are productive and give us every year a few bunches of high quality that we select one by one and find in Peconio a wine highly representative of our territory. In the mouth the wine is fine, elegant and good to drink; central tannin and well integrated into the structure of the wine. Excellent in pairing with typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine. Enjoy your tasting!