At Villa La Ripa we are harvesting Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah and Sangiovese

Here we are!!! At Villa La Ripa we started to harvest last week. As every year we have
done the chemical and organoleptic analysis of the grapes. Our winemaker Alessio Bandinelli is not only satisfied with the result of chemical analysis but goes directly into the
vineyard and observes the grapes on site: he tastes the skins, the juice and follows and analyzes, in particular, the tannins to understand when it is the right time to harvest. Only when the results of the chemical and organoleptic analyzes correspond we proceed and harvest the small vineyard parcel. Villa La Ripa, being a small family-owned company, manages to harvest parceled vines, in this way only the perfectly ripe grapes are picked. This allows us to obtain a high level of quality in our wines; and that is indeed our gold standard: to produce high-quality wines.
Here are some photos, which show a few moments of the harvest. In this way, we try to
make you participate in this wonderful experience.

I also propose to watch a short video where you can directly observe the process of the separation of the berries from the stalks that takes place in a specific machine called:
destemming machine
And ... to a good harvest
for us!”

Claudia Luzzi


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