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  Peconio for the Thanksgiving Day!  

I enjoyed the wine tasting at Villa La Ripa today.

 Vintners in my home State of Texas recommend Sangiovese as a pairing for Thanksgiving turkey. I'll look forward to opening the Peconio in November.


Lisa B. Lovering

  A Canadian visitor employed in the wine world thanks us for the tour in our winery!!  


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. It was truly enjoyed by all. You are making  wonderful wines. I will be sure to write you back regarding our Rose process. It is always a pleasure to work with others and understanding there techniques.


Ron Rotundo                            

  Said about us on Tripadvisor!  

Look what write about us on Tripadvisor! It is always gratyfying to read a comment like this!! Thanks to our guest!!

"Wow! This was such a treat. We had a private tour by the owner, who is a neurologist by day... His wife is also a doctor... Smart passionate people! The villa is amazing and they have painstakingly preserved the original building and have marvelous stories to go with. The wine is excellent, and the passion of Luzzi Saverio makes it even better. Their daughter, a pharmacist, makes wonderful skin care products from the grapes and trimmings. Really... This place will amaze. And the ship their wine! So buy some!"

  Speak about us in China  

Speak about us in China too....on the magazine "Il mio Vino in Cina" has spoken about Villa La Ripa!! Look at page 29!!

  Again Tripadvisor..  

My wife and I visited Villa La Ripa during cooking school. We had a great time and Saverio was the most gracious host. We brought back wine to share with our friends in Lubbock. The wine was very good and I would have given it 90 points. I can see why he wanted to make wine. I just wish I could go back for another visit.

  Talk about us on Tripadvisor  

I was in Arezzo for an equine veterinary congress and decided to go & visit Villa La Ripa. Dr Saverio Luzzi was most charming & gave me an interesting tour of his wonderful house & wine cellar. It has such an amazing history & has been beautifully restored by Dr Luzzi & his wife. I loved the formal Italian garden beside the villa & the lovely avenue of Italian cypresses up the drive.

I would really like to go back with my husband & do some wine tasting at Villa La Ripa (I have heard it is wonderful wine) when we are in Tuscany again.

Thanks for spending a very pleasant morning with me at the Villa.


  Email from our guest...  

I met you in September of this year and you took me into your Basement Wine Cellar.  I think of you often. I promised you I wouldn’t open your 2010 Wines and I have kept my word. I am truly enjoying the 2009 bottles.  

I just wanted you to know that you made quite an impression on me and meeting you brings back memories of my Italian Family.  Thank you for the time you gave us.  I came from Torro del Tartufo that day. 

Have a great holiday and I hope this new year brings you and yours health and happiness!!!

Ralph Campochiaro

  From Tripadvisor  

Dr. Luzzi is much more than a gracious host. He is a heartwarming experience in the heart of Tuscany that is unforgettable.

A trip to his Roman era villa is an incredible way to experience the warmth and generosity of the Italian people first hand. When my wife and I visited Villa La Rippa, we had no idea that we would be talking about our experience as the highlight of our three week stay in Tuscany. Dr. Luzzi is one of the most generous and interesting individuals you will ever meet. He welcomes you into his home, shares the story of the history of the villa, shows you first hand what the life of an upper class Roman official would have been like 900 years ago and most importantly, shares some of the best red wine you will ever have to opportunity to taste from his personal vineyard. It is hard to describe how all of that can happen between a host and guest who share very few words of a common language, but it does. When we left after three amazing hours with Dr. Luzzi, we felt like we were leaving a family member behind--there were tears when we we said good by to this gentleman who showed us that goodwill and generosity are still alive somewhere in this world. We will never forget our visit.

Siamo molto grati per il Dottor Luzzi e sono nell'amore con il popolo italiano che ci ha trattati come gli Americani così generosamente. Grazie! Grazie! Grazie!


  Tourists from Canada!  

Chris and I made it safely back to Canada last night .I want to thank you for the wine tasting tour . Chris and I really  ourselves . We, say it was the best part of our trip . The tour of our your house was an added bonus .  I can’t wait to show  the pictures to my friend . .Your wine is delicious and  I will  send you the details on when to send it .I meant to mention to you that I would be interested in buying some our your daughters creams .  I can send

you a wire transfer  if you can ship  it in with the wine

Thanks Again

  The new Arezzo's Guide

  From Florida!!  
Hello!  Thought you might like to see this great photograph we took when we visited with you in last year  .  I know  you have many people come through so I don't expect you to remember us.  We, however, so thoroughly enjoyed this part of our week.  Now that we have finished all the wine we shipped from Italy, may we reorder.  I could look again at your website or perhaps order directly through you?  We would like a case of the Psyco .  

I've been  trying to reorder some olive oil from the very estate we visited  but I'm not getting good communication back.  I wanted to order "tin can" and to get a reasonable quantity.  I cook almost exclusively with it.  I recall you have olive oil so perhaps I can order some from you and you can advise me.  And of the cost.  Once I see how the ordering goes, I will either have my friend place his order directly from you or perhaps we can combine our orders.  I will let you know.  It was such a success at my dinner party last night that I now have another fan of your wine here in southern Florida, USA.


Montreal, Canada

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Google Traduttore

We were a group of friends & family from various parts of the world who met in Tuscany for my brother-in-law's 60th birthday. Our age group was 2 years to 84 years. The area held many delights for us but this winery was definitely a charmer. The host was gracious and welcoming and the historical setting was explained in detail. This visit opened a window to a part of Tuscan culture and taste which will remain with all of us as a high light of our visit.

  Our Creams on !  



Jackie Silver

National Anti-Aging Beauty Examiner


It is well-known that red wine has been touted for its heart health benefits, but not everyone knows that red wine can actually benefit the skin. Villa La Ripa, one of the 180 companies that are part of the organization in Italy called Strada del Vino Terre di Arezzo, studied these benefits and created a line of cosmetics made with wine.

A few years ago, researchers discovered a nutrient in red wine called Resveratrol, a powerful ingredient that supports the heart and may help people live longer. Now, research shows that this nutrient also has anti-aging benefits and may help you maintain younger-looking skin by providing protective effects against free radicals and aging.

Resveratrol is also a very popular oral supplement. Although, if taken as an oral supplement one may miss out on the distinct advantages it can offer your skin. Dermatologists at the University of Wisconsin found that Resveratrol helps protect the skin from sun damage, improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and much more.

These findings led one intrepid scientist to embark on her own journey in the quest for the best use of Resveratrol in skin care products. In October 2010, Claudia Luzzi graduated in Pharmacy. As the top student in her course, she was awarded by the Rector of the University of Florence. After her graduation Luzzi began to entertain the idea of producing her own cosmetics. According to Luzzi, “I was not satisfied with the products available on the market, they are made by big companies and quality leaves more and more to be desired."

Luzzi grew up on her family’s winery, Villa La Ripa, in Tuscany, Italy. The high quality grapes that produce wonderful wines inspired Luzzi to discover new benefits from the nature around her. She soon discovered many dermatological benefits from the same ingredients which produced the incredible wines of Villa La Ripa.

“Vines, grapes, seeds, wine and pommace are really small laboratories where nature concentrates antioxidants - anti-aging and soothing substances which help maintain beautiful skin,” explains Luzzi.

After lengthy research and development, Luzzi created a line of wine beauty products containing Resveratrol, including: Grape Seed Body Milk, Grape Hand-Cream, Vine Leaf Face Mask, Calendula and Wine Face Cream.

“Resveratrol is an important active component of red wine. In fact, it is the substance at the basis of the anti-atherosclerotic properties of wine, that is of the so-called ’French Paradox,’” says Luzzi. "And dermatological studies also demonstrated that it had important protective effects on the skin.”

So, Luzzi launched her all natural anti-aging face cream and discovered, “If applied at night in small quantities it produces wonderful results.”

Luzzi describes her

Grape Hand Cream:
Moisturizing and energizing cream. It makes the skin on your hands smooth and velvety. It is not oily. Constant use is recommended for obtaining younger skin.

Calendula-Wine Face Cream
Moisturizing and energizing face cream. If used daily it reduces the marks of time. The properties of calendula and wine decreases skin blushing and blotches due to aging and UV damage.

Wine Leaf Mask
This face mask has thickening, cleansing and fortifying skin properties. Directions for use: apply the mask to your face leaving it on for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. At once a sense of freshness will be perceived and skin will be illuminated. Use the mask twice a month or before make-up on special occasions.

Grapeseed Body Milk
Energizing and toning body milk, it allows skin to regain its freshness. For all ages. Not oily, it leaves a pleasant perfume all over the body. Used constantly it allows skin to increase elasticity.

Continue reading on
Red wine: good for your heart, good for your skin - National Anti-Aging Beauty | Examiner.com


  Eleonora Scholes  

 While in the province of Arezzo, we were invited to Saverio and Adriana Luzzi. Ten years ago Saverio, neurologist by profession, bought splendid Villa La Ripa, built in late Renaissance. Luzzi’s wine story is similar to the story of many cult Californian estates when lawyers, doctors and other professionals with high income chose winemaking as a hobby. They were driven only by one aim — to make best possible wine.
Luzzi made the first vintage of his Tiratari wine in 2000. The grapes came from several rows of old vines previously planted at the villa. That year he developed a new vineyard parcel, having chosen Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot. The vineyard size is just 1,5 hectares, and the doctor doesn’t plan to increase it substantially. Perhaps, 2 more hectares will be planted in future, but not more. At present Villa La Ripa range includes two red wines — Tiratari, mainly Sangiovese, and Psyco, with equal parts of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Soon they will be joined by Nero, 100% Merlot. A mini-vertical of two latest vintages of Psyco and three Tiratari left a favourable impression. Doctor-winemaker chose an appealing style for his wines — it combines high quality, focus on inherent characteristics of the grapes, modern interpretation and a very careful, balanced use of winemaking techniques. Moreover, the quality of wines is improving with each vintage, and I dare say that in a few years Villa La Ripa will become one of Arezzo quality leaders.

  Letters from Australia  

HI Saverio I am writing a quick note to provide my contact details and also to provide you with an email address for our daughter. Yesterday was such a lovely surprise. To meet a man with such passion for wine is such a delightful experience, especially with the production of so many recipe wines today. Your villa, vineyard and winemaking are of an exceptional standard. I particularly like the influence of the Cabernet with the Sangiovese. We tried the straight S last night at the Casa Omberto, and I must say that my preference, although both are excellent wines, is the blend. Good luck with your experiments with Shiraz. It is also a noble grape and I feel the introduction of Viognier would add something to the complexity. Already the Shiraz is starting to take shape. I have checked out your website, and find it is of the same quality as everything that you have accomplished. It makes me feel humble If you are in Australia, please send me an email and try to arrange a visit. Thank you and regards Ross > He Ross, > Thank you for your very nice words, for comments and advices. I particularly appreciate them because they are sincere and coming from a person very deep in wine. > I would like,if you agree, to put your letter on my site. > I also would be enthusiastic to meet your daughter, so please tell her to write me when she comes to Italy. > If I come back to Australia I will for sure arrange to see you. > Let keep in touch! > Saverio HI Saverio Your wine, still the best that we have tasted in Italy so far. Very happy for you to put my letter on your website Kind Regards Ross

  New Wines from Villa la Ripa  

New wines from Villa La Ripa (Spaziolibero e Peconio) on the TV Teletruria! Follow us on the web !!

  More and more on wines from Arezzo  

la presente per ringraziarvi per la vs preziosa collaborazione in occasione dell'educational press che si è svolto nei giorni 3-4-5 maggio. A ns giudizio l'iniziativa è andata molto bene (soprattutto considerando che era l'edizione numero 1). Di seguito l'elenco dei giornalisti accrediatati. Tutti sono rimasti piacevolmente sorpresi dal ns territorio... Stanno cominciando ad uscire i primi articoli! ecco qualche link : questo ha creato numerose ripercussioni su vari blog tematici un set di belle foto un altro articolo un altro articolo ancora un articolo

Grazie ancora, perchè secondo noi quallo che ci ha reso vincenti è stato proprio l'aver offerto un territorio che fa sistema. invieremo altri aggiornamenti buona giornata Strada del Vino Terre di Arezzo Lucia, Sorana, Alessandra e Monica

  Peter Mancell from Australia  

Good Evening Doctor, Thank you so much for such an enjoyable afternoon at your villa today.

My wife and I are genuine lovers of fine wine and without doubt your Tiratari and Psyco are the best wines we've enjoyed so far on this trip to Italy. They are a testimony to your passion and commitment to quality at all stages of the wine production. Congratulations and best of luck on May 17th at the London wine show. And speaking as one who is plagued by high sulphite wines, thank you for making your wines in a way that makes them far more enjoyable....much appreciated! as promised, next week we will proudly share your 2007 Tiratari with our New Zealand friends in Scotland and we look forward to receiving our shipment in due course. Your wines have certainly earned their place in our current 2500 bottle collection. We hope to see you in Tasmania, Australia some time soon. Sincerely, Peter Mancell

  When we first tasted this wine, I have to admit that it nearly slipped under our radar. You sometimes get tasting days where wines don't show particularly well for whatever reason (the biodynamic people will tell you why), and we tasted this wine on one of those days.
Initially very impressed by the beautiful nose (especially against the other wines we were tasting) of black fruits, clove, toasty oak and spice, the palate seemed a touch light and disappointing. However, it was interesting enough to take home and try alongside a meat pie and, as with many Italian wines, the food brought the wine to life. Now it showed the same intensity of fruit on the palate as had shown on the nose - it's a medium bodied wine but it was now revealing complex layers of flavour - blackcurrant, plum, fig, liquorice, white pepper, vanillan oak, tobacco. Delicious with lovely acidity and very fine grained tannins, as well as a huge length of finish - the Merlot and Shiraz bring out the best of the Sangiovese here. Very enjoyable indeed and a top class wine.
  Bill and Maureen Henderson  

Dr. Saverio Luzzi, This is a rather overdue note to thank-you so much for opening up your home and your wines to use when we visited as part of a group from Torre del Tartufo several weeks ago. The passion you have for your home, your grapes and your wines was very impressive. We’ve toured many wineries in the past and spoken to many wine makers about the connection between the soil, climate and the wines. But very few winemakers take the connection beyond that to encompass their home, and the history of the land it is on. It was fascinating and very enjoyable. Of course, the most enjoyable thing was the ’06 Tiratari , What a great wine! We’ve already enjoyed one of the three bottles we bought, as part of a celebration of our trip once we got back to Canada. We’ll be saving the other two bottles for a time when we are feeling sad about how short our visit to Tuscany was. Your wines, paired with several of Franco’s Torre Del Tartufo recipes, will be the perfect cure when that sadness strikes. What a shame that your wines are not available here in Canada….but I guess that makes the two bottles we have remaining that much more special. Thanks again for sharing your home, it’s history and your wines. Regards, Bill and Maureen Henderson King City, Ontario, Canada

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